Scholarship Program

We are very excited to announce that there are scholarships available for the 2019 camp season!

Each scholarship is equal to one week of camp, and the application requirements are the same for each scholarship.

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In 2015, Dr Renee Andino and Dr. Rob Andino, from HealthFirst Wellness Center in Rockford, IL, sponsored our first ever, camp scholarship. Thanks to their generosity, two kids will attend Rock and Roll Institute every year, tuition free. Not only that, thanks to the Andino’s, we now have a scholarship program that continues to grow.


If you’re interested in donating to the RnRI Scholarship Fund, please visit our secure donation page, or feel free to make a donation in person.

Or, become a Scholarship sponsor! You can sponsor a RnRI Scholarship in the memory of a loved one. If you have a business, you can become a corporate sponsor. Contact us at for more information on becoming a sponsor.

Thank you!


The Jeremy Mordini Scholarship

The Ivanuck Family lost nephew Jeremy Mordini to his battle with addiction July 2nd, 2015. Jeremy was an avid music lover and played both guitar and drums. We would like this scholarship to bring an awareness of the growing epidemic of drug use in our country. Faith and Family can be cornerstones in keeping youths away from drugs and the hope is that this scholarship can grow our Rock N’ Roll Institute Family and that family can always be there to support others even if all seems dark.


( 1 available )

Jason SSG Memorial Scholarship

Shortly before Jason SSG passed away in 2013, I had put the question to him “What was your secret to being creatively engaged and connected to so many people?” His response was simple, “I just want to help my friends make stuff. That was Jason in a nutshell. So many people took inspiration from his endless good cheer, his deep well of ever-present, jet-black humor, and the warm inclusiveness of his company, that it’s occasionally overwhelming to consider.

He was always heading in new and unexpected directions, typically letting the needs of others guide him forward. This is true of his time running open mics, booking bands and running sound at clubs, painting and sketching, writing poetry and putting together a Dada-ist humor zine, working on films, and even sitting in on bongos for my Velvet Underground Christmas Spectacular back in 1996 – and this is just part of what I experienced first-hand. He was also one of the few people I ever trusted enough to be my co-pilot (or I was his), often taking over the wheel on long road trips, reveling to the strains of Parliament and the Sugar Hill Records box set.

To Me, he will always be the most massive of inspirations, a guide-post to continue to find art and beauty in the most dire of life situations. Regardless of finances, health concerns, or whatever struggles life can throw at us, it’s imperative to always remember to create. And if you’re feeling stuck, or alone, reach out for the company of friends to share laughs.

Lastly, to quote James Brown (one of his favs), “Get up, get into it, get involved.” This is SSG, now and forever.


( 2 available )

Ruckman Memorial Scholarship Fund

In Spring of 2017, we received a Scholarship application from a young man named Christopher Ruckman. His audition video was unlike anything we had seen. The Scholarship committee could not believe the level of musicianship that Chris possessed, the way his young hands made that guitar sing. He was truly a musical prodigy. Needless to say, he was awarded an RnRI Scholarship. A few months later, he tore down the Mendelssohn stage (figuratively, of course) with an amazing performance with his band Deadwood Bounty.

Less than a year later, Chris and his little brother John “Jack” tragically left this earth, taking their talents and our hearts with them. We were blessed to have Chris as a camper and as a friend. And we were looking forward to eventually working with John as well, considering he was a phenomenal percussionist.

Thanks to the generosity of our camper families, and friends and family of Chris and John, we received enough donations to start this Scholarship in their honor. The Rock and Roll Institute has offered to match any donations made to this fund, guaranteeing the memory of Chris and John to live within our camper family for many years to come.


( 1 available )

HealthFirst Wellness Center RnRI Scholarship

In 2015 Dr. Renee Andino and Dr. Rob Andino sponsored our first ever camp scholarship. Thanks to their generosity, not only do two kids get an opportunity to attend our camp for free, we now have a scholarship program that continues to grow!


( 2 available )

The RnRI General Scholarship Fund


( 1 available )



  • You must be a first time Rock n’ Roll Institute camper.
  • You must be within the 6th – 12th grade age range.
  • (Scholarships are not available for the adult camp)


  1. You must write an essay explaining why you deserve the scholarship. The essay must be a minimum of 200 words, maximum of 300 words.
  2. In a separate text, you must answer the following questions:
    • Do you take private lessons? If so, where, and who is your teacher?
    • How long have you been playing your instrument?
    • What other instruments can you play?
    • Which week of the 2019 camp would you attend?
      • Week 1: June 17th — June 21st
      • Week 2: June 24th — June 28th
    • Please say whether your gross household income is less than $50,000 per year, or more than $50,000 per year.
  3. You must submit a short (1-2 min) video of you performing your instrument.
    • Vocalists: sing part of a song, a cappella or along with a recording.
    • Guitar: perform part of a song. Play 5 chords of your choice, and improvise a solo in one of the following; major, minor, pentatonic, or blues scale.
    • Bass : perform part of a song. Improvise a solo in one of the following; major, minor, pentatonic, or blues scale.
    • Drums: perform 3 different drum beats of your choice, including some drum fills.
    • Keyboard : perform part of a song. Play 5 chords of your choice, and improvise a solo in one of the following; major, minor, pentatonic, or blues scale.
  4. You must own or have access to a well-maintained, functional instrument.
  5. You must be able to participate in, and attend all required rehearsals and performances, both during and outside of the camp weeks. Failure to do so will result in revocation of the scholarship, and a charge of $175 (1/2 the registration fee) to the scholarship recipient.
  6. You must submit the essay, answers, and video, via email to

Important dates:

  • Scholarship submission deadline is May 1st.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on May 8th. You will be notified via email address used for application submission. Also, there will be an announcement made on the Rock n’ Roll Institute Facebook page.
  • Monday, June 17th: WEEK 1 starts, with performance on the evening of June 21st at Mendelssohn Starr Center – 6pm
  • Monday, June 24th: WEEK 2 starts, with performance on the evening of June 28th at Mendelssohn Starr Center – 6pm