Community Rocks!

Welcome to our Community Rocks! fundraising campaign page.

Every year, Rock and Roll Institute NFP will spotlight a music program from a local school. This chosen school would be a center point of our camp messaging for the duration of our camp season. We will use our social media platforms, and concert stages, to help spread the good word and raise funds for the chosen program. Then, at the end of each summer, RnRI will present a check to the program. They can use these funds for instrument purchases, instrument maintenance, band uniforms, or whatever other items their music program might need.

The chosen school can be public or private. The only requirements are that the school is K-12, has an active music program, and is located within 30 miles of Rockford, IL.

If you’d like to nominate a particular school, or music program, as a candidate for our Community Rocks! fundraising campaign, please contact us at

If you’d like to support our Community Rocks! campaign, you can DONATE HERE, make a donation in person at one of our summer tour concerts, or you can send a check to:

Rock and Roll Institute
C/O Community Rocks!
P.O. Box 1566
Rockford, IL 61110