Become An RnRI Sponsor!

Welcome to our corporate sponsorship page and thank you for visiting! If your business or organization would like to become a Rock and Roll Institute sponsor, here are the corporate sponsorship packages we have available.

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Dream On!

Donate to the RnRI General Scholarship Fund that provides need based financial assistance to returning campers. (minimum of 2 X $375 scholarships required, a $750 value)

Come Together!

RnRI creates a special “Insert Your Business Name Scholarship” where the scholarship description focuses on informing the community about your company and why you support the RnRI. You decide whether this scholarship is merit based or need based scholarship. (minimum of 4 X $375 full ride scholarships required, a $1,500 value)

Shout It Out Loud!

You help our camp spread the good word! RnRI would like to become a household name in the region. You can help us achieve that goal by donating to our advertising budget, or promoting our camp through your own personal promotional channels, e.g. mailers, flyers, fundraisers, etc. We are open to any ideas!

All The World’s A Stage!

You provide our campers with a performance venue and date. For the event, you would need to provide (or provide funding for us to rent / hire) location, live sound (PA), sound engineer, lighting engineer, and you’d also be responsible for securing the proper event insurance.

Start Me Up!

You provide our campers with lunches and drinks during the camp weeks, either by financial donation to pay a caterer, or by food donation if you’re a functional food service company with current licenses and permits. And/or provide our camp with adult and kid friendly drinks and snacks that RnRI can sell during the camp concerts to raise funds for our mission.

For Those About To Rock!

You donate goods (instruments, or other teaching or learning tools), provide some kind of service (videography, photography, etc…), or provide a secure practice location for our campers to use during the camp. (This type of sponsorship would only be available based on needs of the camp)

Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

As a newly established nonprofit, RnRI has, and continues to work tirelessly to build, and strengthen the camp roots in our community. Much of that time has traditionally been donated by staff or by other professionals from the community. By supporting this package, you will help provide funds to give back to our volunteers, and also to assist in managerial costs like accounting, legal fees, etc… These are important aspects of our camp that help it operate smoothly and safely, thus allowing the camp staff to focus their energy on further supporting the camp mission, and ensuring the camp will be here for years to come!

In Return For Your Corporate Sponsorship!

Our Corporate Sponsors will receive regular mentions, and tags, on all RnRI social media platforms. Your logo will be included on our camp website, on all camp concert programs and flyers, and a personalized thank you over the microphone at the start of each camp concert, along with a brief description of your assistance in helping RnRI accomplish its mission!

For more information on becoming an RNRI Sponsor, contact us at